The magic of the last days

The last days in England were really magical. I had a lovely farewell dinner with my friends, my colleagues surprised me with a really thoughtful and sweet gift, my roommate and I finally made a trip to Alfriston and Lewes after we’d been both on-the-go all the time. What surprised me most was: I felt really loved. I almost couldn’t believe all the things that happened in just three months, all the friends I’ve made and all the people that would actually miss me (and my cakes). It was magical! But it wasn’t easy to let go and to say goodbye. Everyone had to promise me to keep in touch and that we would see each other again somewhere someday. But you never know.


My mom came over for my last weekend to pick me up and to spend the last day in Eastbourne with me. Basically, we did a lot of shopping. We went to book stores, galleries, craft and baking shops and ooops where did all that money go? It might have disappeared while we were eating a flatbread with hummus and red pepper or the obligatory afternoon flapjack. Who knows? (And seriously: who wants to know?)


As soon as I came back, I was in the middle of university and couldn’t get a single minute to relax. I guess I should get used to that thing in my head again … what is it called again? Brain?


Sometimes when you’re abroad you get a funny feeling. Out of a sudden you think about what it would be like not to get back to your old life and to make this place your new home. It might last only for a second or a song but when you get hit, it can be very tough sometimes to deal with it: „Oh, crap. I’m in trouble.“


sunshine, seaside, good time

Don’t worry, I’m not planning to stay in England. Now that my internship is over in less than three weeks, I’m actually really looking forward to coming back home. Of course, I will miss some things and people here. The chit chat in the office, the cakes and the tea, my lovely colleagues, the seafront and the Pier and all the people I’ve met in the London & County Pub.

There are other things I certainly won’t miss like the separated hot and cold water taps or toast but I don’t want to get too much into that.

What I’m looking forward to?

My bed (The order is totally  random, I swear). My family and friends. All my baking stuff – especially the kitchen machine. Our enormous fridge and freezer. Our garden. BREAD. Really good healthy superpower Rye Spelt wholewhatever dark brown Bread. The christmas market in my hometown. And thousands of other things.

I must admit though that it wasn’t very smart of me to come home the day before uni starts again. Not at all. How am I supposed to do my bed, I mean everything, justice, if I don’t have time for it? Thank God, it’s Christmas soon (literally).


Added comment:

I must admit that I will miss Eastbourne more than I would have thought. Like my friend Josie said today: „You really need three months to settle in. Only then you feel like you belong here, like you’re at home.“ Well, she’s right. Now that I know a few places and a few people, I feel like home and still there’s so much more I want to see and explore! Time went by really quickly. I’m still looking forward to coming home nonetheless. But I might just have to come back someday!

Strawberry Chocolate Mousse Cake

Making cakes is sometimes very similar to Life. You have a plan and know exactly what you want, what it should taste and look like or you have absolutely no clue and are more like „Uh, what am I doing here again?“ But either way, most of the time it comes out totally different than you’ve thought (or not thought).

Click to enlarge me

Click to enlarge me

Look at this cake for example. I knew exactly what it should look like. But first, I hadn’t had enough strawberries – even though I just came back from the supermarket – and so I added raspberries. Then there was not enough mousse to cover all strawberries, so I used the outer line of strawberries as a frame. However, the result was incredibly amazing. Sometimes the best things come out of improvisation. I guess, it’s the same in our everday life. Sometimes you just have to say „Okay, I will do it!“ even though you don’t know what exactly you will be doing. And sometimes if a plan doesn’t work out for you, you just have to adapt to it. Don’t mourn a eventuality. Embrace the present and you will see, that it’s actually not that bad!

But enough wisdom shared, let’s get to business!

I’ve brought this cake to a BBQ at a friend’s house and although I didn’t expect it, everything was gone by the end of the night. It was surprisingly solid and you could actually eat it with your hands. Strawberries and chocolate are the best combination in my opinion, but the raspberries added a nice touch to it. But next time I would definetely take more Strawberries. If you hadn’t run off to the kitchen already or a covered in chocolate, I suggest you should go right now!


Breakfast in a Cookie

If I ever had to chose my favourite course, I probably would go for breakfast. Imagine all these delicious things you can eat for breakfast: Apple Crumble or Nutella Crêpe Cakes, Scrambled Eggs with Bacon, Cold leftover Pizza after a very late night or even Curry if you want to do it like the Thai. Dessert, Lunch or Dinner – let’s just call it breakfast.

unbaked cookies

Those words spoken, I want to introduce a yummy recipe that I like to call „Breakfast in a cookie“. They are a little bit like Chocolate Chip Cookies but they contain nuts and oats and only half the amount of butter than a normal Cookie recipe. The perfect morning treat to lift your mood and motivation.

breakfast cookies recipe

Click to enlarge!

Some compliments I’ve got:

„You’re the best cookie maker in the world! Please make more!“ – by my roommate (which actually is gluten and cocoa intolerant)

„I hadn’t had lunch but ate three cookies instead! You’re definetely allowed to stay!“ – by my colleagues

„MORE PLEASE!“ – by my tummy

Now you know why you should make them: because everyone will love you! And if you don’t want to share, your tummy has enough love for every cookie. Trust me!







Der Charme von Mandelscones

Wenn ich eine neue Stadt besuche, entscheiden meistens nur wenige Kriterien darüber, ob ich diese Stadt mag oder nicht: der Charme der Häuser und Bewohner und die Quantität und Qualität von Cafés. In Rye habe ich heute gleich zwei besucht und beide waren sehr bezaubernd auf eine ganz unterschiedliche Art und Weise.

Im ersten Café „The Apothecary“ schmausten wir eine leckere Quiche mit Cheddar, Zwiebeln und Spinat inmitten von Apothekerschränkchen, alten Büchern und geheimnisvollen Relikten aus der Vergangenheit. Am Eingang – direkt neben dem Kuchen – war es eindeutig am Schönsten.

Nach einem ausgiebigen und furchtbar anstrengenden Spaziergang von bestimmt 15 Minuten quälten wir uns erschöpft und völlig ausgehungert in die nächste Ruheoase „Edith’s House“ und ließen uns zu einem Cream Tea überreden. Es gab mehr als nur den „normalen“ Scone und die „normale“ Marmelade – von Honig-, Zimt und Kokosnussscone bis zu Apfel-Feige-, Kirsch- und Limettenmarmelade. Für uns gab es einen warmen Mandelscone mit schmelzender Clotted Cream und fruchtiger Himbeermarmelade. Sehr genau beobachtet wurde ich dabei von der französischen Bulldogge Roux, dem Caféhund. Zum Glück bin ich nicht so leicht zu bestechen!

Im zweiten Café hat es mir fast noch besser gefallen als im ersten. Es war etwas kleiner, gemütlicher und ruhiger, in „The Apothecary“ war es zwar sehr gemütlich und nett, aber auch etwas hektisch und durcheinander. Vielleicht waren meine Sinne aber auch nur vom süßen Mandelscone benebelt. Die kommen definitiv auf meine „Muss-ich-mal-nachbacken“-Liste!

A first glimpse of Eastbourne

I was in Eastbourne yesterday to meet my future roommate Amanda and to catch a first glimpse of the city. Well, the impression of my next three months was quite charming! But enough talking, have a look for yourself:

The Journey Begins

After a challenging start of our journey involving a flat tyre, a latish departure and a navigation system without a map of the UK, we’ve finally arrived in England. Well, it could have been far worse. The roads were clear and we arrived even earlier at the Eurotunnel than we were supposed to. My mom and I stayed in Hastings for a night and treated ourself with comforting Spaghetti Bolognese. The next day we strolled around in the Old Town of Hastings, enjoyed some hummous and halloumi with pita bread at Isabellas and explored the galleries, shops and bakeries. Our first stop: the bookshop. We couldn’t get out with less than seven books.

Some Chocolate Flapjacks managed to jump in our car before we headed to our cottage in Bexhill-on-sea. I don’t know how this could happen. But what else could we do than to pair them with a fresh brewed Darjeeling and guide them to their new warm and comfortable home, the Stomach Inn?

Chicken Korma, Chapati Bread and Basmati Rice paired with a Pinot Grigio accompanied the Flapjacks later. We lounged on the couch, watched TV and got stuck into our books and finally, we called it a night.